Hello and Welcome. My name is Jasmine, I am a young writer who aspires to learn and share my knowledge with everyone. I currently live in Japan with my husband who serves in the U.S. Marines.

I met my husband in high school when I was 16. We became best friends and never thought we’d somehow end up here together. We got married the day after my 18th birthday and couldn’t be happier. I’d describe our story as somewhat of a fairy tale. Though we’re growing up together and things can be a little hectic, but we also learn how to resolve problems quickly.

Though I’ve always been one to have a book in my face, I never realized just how much I enjoyed writing until my senior year of high school. Just to fill in my schedule I took yearbook and journalism. That was the best thing I did, I had an amazing teacher who had alot of insight and brought out my passion to write.

As my senior year went by I went on to win awards for news writing and editorials, even getting an honorable mention in a pool of over 13,000 entrys. It wasn’t until then when I started to recognize my own tallent.

I’m very young and recognize that I still have so much to learn, but if your willing even a young person can teach a thing or two.

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