Getting Started

A great teacher told me, “Find something that speaks to people and you’ll have something to work off of.” It took me a while to find that that something also needed to speak to me, I found my something.

I first want to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged my relationship through this amazing journey of a life time.

Now you may realize I’m only 18, and marriage is still new to my husband and I. However, we did not start out with counseling like most marriages require. While neither of us knew the first thing about marriage, we took on this amazing once in a lifetime moment.

You may be thinking, I’m too young to be giving out marriage advice, and I’ve only been married for a short amount of time and could not possibly have any thing to teach. Right you are, but here’s where I tell you that in the few months of marriage, we’ve come a long way and we both know that marriage isn’t just all about the cute, romantic things. Marriage is tough.

Especially going months without the person you married by your side (physically), but it has taught us so much. That is what I’d like to share, so while were so young and still learning, maybe we can teach one or many more with the situations we face and how we handle all of life’s surprises.

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