Striving For Perfection

Perfect. A word that though we try to meet with what we think the standards are to do so, but we never quite actually get there. It’s the same with a relationship. You can try to be perfect all you want, but the truth is no one actually is. We get upset and argue, we disagree on things, we don’t always see eye to eye, but it’s okay. We’re not meant to be perfect.

My husband and I have arguments just like every other couple, we’re not perfect. We have our days when we disagree or get in our moods, but the one thing we’ve learned from the start of this relationship is forgiveness. Things were hard enough just being away from each other for long periods of time. When an argument came up we would stop and ask ourselves, “Is this really worth it.” There was already distance between us, we didn’t need it getting in our relationship and taking away what little time we did have together. So we learned to forgive and forget more quickly, because there was no point in holding on to that anger just to argue about it longer.

For example, in one situation Michael and I did have one incident where both of us got upset and we didn’t settle it as soon as we could have. Instead, we held it against each other for a couple days and in those days it felt as if we we’re just trying to push away from one another. In the end neither of us really remembered what we were so upset about in the first place.

Speaking from a women’s point of view, it’s a little harder for us to let things go and forget about it. It does take patience, what I do to remind myself because my husband is military but it works in all cases. If my husband was to get in some accident or some situation that was life threatening, would I want him thinking about this pointless argument or know that I loved him and everything was okay?

On another note, keep your arguments between you two. This cannot be stressed enough.

Social media is not for you to go and post your about what’s happening or that you’re upset because of something that your significant other did. The reason this should say private is because you don’t need people telling you how to fix it. They don’t know the relationship you may have, they just know what you put out for them to see. What really needs to happen is, sitting down with your partner finding out where things went wrong and what you can do to prevent it next time.

I’m not telling you this is the way to have a perfect relationship. But working on things like this can build you and your partner up along the way. I know it has made us stronger and things are easier to talk about when we go through a rough patch.


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