You Can Do This.


When you find the one true person that you love, you would do absolutely anything for them…right? Say a 9 month long deployment, when that person you love is sent 7,000 miles away from you. You spend every weaking moment waiting to see your phone screen light up with their name on it. People think you’re addicted to your phone because you have to check it every 5 minutes, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Though this is only the beggining of the next [insert number here] months. Wether you’re a girlfriend or wife we all make the same commitment, to be right there when they return no matter the circumstance.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that things get easier as the days pass, because they honestly don’t. We all have our days when we don’t want to get out of bed, get angry, or just break down all because we miss them so much and it’s okay. We can’t hold it in all the time so give yourself a break.

So though I can’t tell you it’s all going to be okay, I can give you a few tip on how to stay strong and get through this deployment.

Take It One Day At A Time

Like I said things don’t get easier. We can tell ourselves that it’s all okay but we know deep down that we’re hurting. You’ll find yourself at times not wanting to do a thing. You want to just lay in bed all day and sulk. You’ll find yourself getting upset for no reason at people it has nothing to do with. And we all have the break down when you just have to cry and let it all out. All of these are okay, we’re just human trying to take on something that we didn’t quite know what we were getting ourselves into.

Give yourself time to just breathe and realize that you miss your partner. Send them a message let them know you miss them and you’re thinking of them. It’ll make you feel a lot better and its a treat for them when they get to read it.

Find Something To Keep You Busy

My husbands first deployment came at the end of my senior year. So while I had school keeping me busy, I worked part time. There came a time when I was working three different jobs just to keep myself busy. Since I wasn’t able to talk to him being around co-wokers kept me social and talking about different things and not just being so focused on being so lonely.

Find yourself a new hobby. Get a couple jobs (if you can manage). Start on a project you always wanted to. Point is just find something, anything just to keep you busy so you not always stuck on the fact that this deployment seems like forever.

Take Some Time To De-stress

Just take a second, stop and look at yourself. Realize that yes what you’re going through is tough, but sometimes we can tend to be a little too hard on ourselves. Anger, exhaustion, and poor sleeping habbits are all minor signs of stress that we tend not to focus on.

So listen to some music, meditate, reachout to a friend, be greatful, and stay positive. Take a day to just focus on you.

Find Some Friends Who Relate

This one is a little tough for me to talk about, up until now I didn’t really know too many people besides my mom who could relate to my suitation. Now I see more and more girls starting to start off in the same situation I did and I love that I can reach out to them at the time they need it most and tell them to keep going.

Set Goals For Yourself

Even if it’s just getting out of bed in the morning! Haha no, but really set some short or long term goals for yourself. Go running, set a time that you want to achieve and work at it. Brainstorm and choose some major goals that you’ve been thinking about lately. I know you will feel so unmotivated to start off but as time goes by and you start to see results it becomes easier to get up and do it.

With this you’re not only focusing on the deployment but this goal that you set and who knows by the time you’ve reached your goal it might just be time for a homecoming.

Use Time To Your Advantage

Need to get somethings done? Go out and do them, you have no one holding you back. You make your own schedule. I wish I had done more of this, I waited last minute to go out and just buy things for our house to ship over to Japan. I didn’t take every oppurtunity I had to use my time wisely. Use the time to your advantage for anything really.

Find Your Inner Strength

I’ve always like one saying that goes, “God woudn’t give us something he knew we couldn’t handle.” That makes me feel strong when I’m at my weakest. Though we can’t see it, it’s there. Sometimes we don’t see it at all but the people around us do. Point is, it’s in all of us. We all have the strengh to get through whatever we’re going through.

Keep your head up, you’re going to get through this.

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