Year 2

It’s been a while since a good ole’ blog post, so I thought I’d just give y’all some updates! First of all….WE JUST CELEBRATED TWO YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!!

Some might be laughing at that and if I’m being honest it makes me grin a little too. Two years, it feels like it’s been way more than two years. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I feel like both of us have gown so much that two years doesn’t seem like the correct number. But hey, it’s the best two years that I’ve experienced!

Well to let you know what I’ve been up to…

With the encouragement from coworkers, friends, and my dear husband I decided to put my brain back to work. After taking a year off of school and still not knowing what I wanted to go to college for, I finally just decided to jump in. Fall of 2016 I decided to start my bachelors in Communications. While it started off easy and simple, it soon escalated and I often find myself drowning in home work (you know, because of my procrastination). Over all school along with work, has been great and while it does get a little hectic sometimes, it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Michael and I were blessed this past December to plan and take our first trip together to my…well I think it was both of ours…our dream destination! PARIS! I have to admit I had my doubts about things going wrong on this trip. I’m so thankful that everything went smoothly and we enjoyed ever thing from the long walks to the metro to the variety of food! Although we really have nothing else to comepare it to, I have to say it was magnificent. The architecture, lights, people, EVERYTHING! (If you would like to read a detailed blog about what we did and where we went, let me know!)


I really miss writing my blogs. While I wish it could be my full time job, I’ll stick to trying to get one up when I can. I plan to have one up about year 2 marriage lessons that we’ve learned so stay tuned!!!

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